Desmond Wong


Prattonia is the 2013 Pratt Institute yearbook. Concept, art direction, design and editing done in collaboration with Christina. We collected images, words, and objects from the class of 2013 to piece together an authentic record of our collective Pratt experience.

OM Steiner designed at Other Means with direction from Gary Fogelson, Phil Lubliner, Ryan Waller and Vance Wellenstein. Originally designed for Yeasayer’s Fragrant World and used as Prattonia’s primary typeface.


Where the glossy, luxurious chrome of fashion publications collides with the crass, clumsy pulp of tabloid and gossip magazines. My senior thesis class project with Kathleen Creighton was a study in contrived aesthetic façades through strictly physical manipulations and purposefully unpolished typeface design. The resulting Vogue Magazine is a frankenstein clash of extremes with moments of unexpected beauty. While refined editorial design is used in high culture magazines to proclaim the “rules” of fashion and lifestyle, heavy typography is used in tabloid newspapers to lend an authoritative voice to outlandish claims. The typeface designed for the faux publication is an attempt to subvert this disingenuous typographic authority.

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Typeface design

A few samples and sketches. Full typeface design portfolio available here.

Marks & lettering

Selection from identity design projects completed at Pratt and The Original Champions of Design.

The Jehosephat poster, designed with Bobby C. Martin Jr. at OCD, was a winner in the 2014 Type Directors Club Communication Design competition.

Mary Ping

Web development and programming for fashion designer Mary Ping. Website designed by Studio Lin.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Promotional materials and invitations designed with direction from Hilary Greenbaum.


Web design and development for a furniture design studio in SoHo.

Illustrations & sketches

Hennessy x Pratt

Hennessy selected recent graduates from Pratt Institute to participate in a competition that challenged us to find our “Wild Rabbit”. Christina and I explored having a visual conversation, text as process, systematically generating and remixing our own work.